Sunday, May 11, 2008

we are officially no longer home owners

I forgot to tell you - The closing went through without a hitch! It was crazy sitting at the table realizing we are no longer the ones who get to call the house "our house" even though to us it will always be our house! The same - Im sure Blair & Chris will always consider it their house.

Freeland & I are so thankful and truly feel blessed by how smooth & easy everything went. I dont know if I ever told yall but we actually had 2 other offers right after the original one. We decided to go with the original one because we really liked the couple and felt good about everything. We knew it was the right thing to do.

Were so thankful that we did. Everything was so easy. Working in the mortgage industry I was very aware of all the things that could go wrong and keep us from being able to close.. its insane the random things that can accidentally go wrong during the whole process. Well that was me just being dumb because never once did that happen! And they were so flexible the entire time so it felt like the perfect sell!

Oh and I dont think I ever told yall who was buying our little casa? I guess the new owners probably dont want me sharing with the world where they live. But I will tell you this. He did just win a Dove Award for Album of the Year!!!!

How fun is that? Not that we get to come hang out with them while they have jam sessions at our house - but its exciting that another fun newlywed couple will get to enjoy the house just like we did. Clearly, if they throw any parties or decide to entertain .. theirs will probably be just a little more exciting than ours were. But they are the 3rd newlywed couple to live there so we love it.

Thanks for all of yalls encouragement & support while we were updating & working on the house! It was a long but fun process and we learned a ton. Im not gonna lie though - its going to be nice that we can have someone else "fix" everything in the house where we are moving & Freeland wont have to do it anymore. But who knows - maybe a few years down the road we will venture into the whole "fix-er-uper" thing again.


  1. Congratulations on the closing and how nice to like the people moving in to know they will take care of it!

  2. What a sigh of relief. Closing on a house is soooo stressful.

  3. Congrats! I know you will make your new house just as homey and beautiful!