Friday, May 23, 2008

waco is so much cooler now

guess what is coming to Waco!!?? I suppose I should say "guess what has been coming to Waco for a year now?" because it seems like its taking forever for this place to open! Should I tell yall or just let you guess?? Well - with google these days you would probably all go and google it to figure out anyway so I will just come right out and tell you:

Chipotle, meet Waco... Waco, meet Chipotle. {BFFL}

Believe it! And its literally right next to my office. No joke - straight across the parking lot from me! {on valley mills right passed Lake Air next to the McDonalds for those of you from here.. also next to the Wells Fargo Tower} And I have sat here all year waiting patiently for it to open so I could indulge myself daily with burritos for lunch and then just walk back to work.

They have teased me all year by putting this awesome new building up.. then they put the sign up.. and I thought "sweet! Its almost open!" and it wasn't. Then they cleared all the parking lot out.. hung more signs outside.. and even put more fancy stuff inside.. but still no Chipotle yet.

So it looks like Chipotle will be coming probably the day after we move! bummer.

Well, its probably for the best because I hear their burritos have something like 1300 calories in them {and I wont even go into the fat because lets just say 2 big macs have less fat than most of their burritos.} Okay, really I don't care. I'm just trying to remind myself these things to make it easier.


  1. What a bummer...I can't believe that you are leaving just as Chipotle gets here. Congrats on selling your house and Freeland getting into medical school - You guys are going to do great in Erie!

  2. well, unfortunately we don't have them here in Erie. you have to go to cleveland 1.25 hours. it's totally worth it though.

  3. We don't have one in LR either...we had one in Omaha. Carnitas are my fave.

  4. We had that for dinner last night! YUMMMMMMY!

  5. Unbelievable! Oh, Waco. Now you have a good excuse to truck down to Cleveland though- that's good!

  6. Hi Brooke!

    I love your blog!

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    Talk to you soon!