Monday, May 19, 2008

tis the season

I just wanted to show you all how full our fridge is starting to get. Its so packed with wedding invitations, shower invitations, and baby announcements {and an extra 2 that I left up from christmas that are just too stinkin cute to take down}.. I started to have to put all the other invitations in the extra bedroom on our calendar in there.

I love going to weddings and I love getting to celebrate all of these exciting life moments with friends - I am thankful to be invited to all of them. But it is very funny how right in may all of our fridges start to get a little crazy!

An exciting update after looking at our fridge: Storey Cook had her baby, Cambell Grace Cook, on May 7th. Cambell is adorable and of course the entire family is thrilled!!

We also have some other friends who just recently were engaged. And I have another super close friend who is preg-o! {wanna guess who? I dont know that she wants me announcing it here for everyone but as soon as she lets me dont worry - Im sure you wont be able to keep me from telling everyone!} Im super excited for them.. and cant wait to add the adorable announcements to our fridge as well!


  1. When are you going to have time to pack??????

  2. oh - i see rhett and hudson on your fridge! i'm so honored that they're still hanging on to their spot with all those wedding invitations pouring in!

  3. I found our invitations! It looks cute--I love the look of a festive, friend-filled fridge. :)