Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sad news in the ackley household

our camera is broken. Yep, of all the times when I want to be taking pictures the most - the dumb thing goes poof on me.

As much as I hate to admit it.. the camera was in my possession when it all went down. There I was just taking pictures and all the sudden the pictures started turning out black... with just a stripe down them. My heart dropped. Want to guess what I was taking a picture of?? If you had to guess what would it be??

After calling & telling Freeland the news .. and promising him over and over that I never dropped it or anything.. we took it to a local camera store here. They literally told Freeland "I have never seen anything like this in my 30 years here .. your wife must have done some serious damage." Awesome - thanks camera guy.

Then we called Canon directly. They were a little more helpful and told us that is was probably the shutter sticking and we just needed to mail it in. Thankfully its more common than the original camera place seemed to know and it can be fixed. Sadly, its not cheap.

So the pictures from the last few post & from here on out until we get our other one fixed will just have to be with our little shaky point & shoot..

Oh! And if you guessed one of our crazy animals is what I was taking pictures of {which is what Im always taking pictures of for those who know me} then you were close! I was taking pictures of my brothers cat, Buck, that he so quickly abandoned & left with my mom while he is on his trip. I was going to post them so he could see how happy Buck is and there he goes breakin my camera!

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  1. It's okay! I believe in your camera!

    P.S. cute pictures of the dogs in the pet carrier. I cannot imagine that drive with 4 animals!