Friday, May 16, 2008

race for the cure

The other weekend Freeland & I did race for the cure. His mom was here so she did it with us! It was a lot of fun and we were so glad that we were able to do it one last time before we move.

Wells Fargo does the race as a team every year so Freeland & I join their team. This year was completely different than the years before... mostly because of all the construction downtown but we enjoyed it. It was nice to have a change in the route. My favorite is getting to walk across the bridge.

This is Melissa, she is the 'team captain' every year! {not always a fun job but shes a trooper for takin it on every year} She's also one of my close friends from work. We have a blast together.

Melissa and her son. All the other family was running around but it was fun having Adam there also

Family portrait. Freelands mom walks an hour every day so this was a lot of fun for her to get to do this and see everyone there. She normally walks a night after school but she loved getting it all done in the morning. She also walked home from the race because she wanted to keep walking .. dont worry, we drove!

This is where all the teams were taking their pictures.. teams with 20, 30, 50 people in them. I thought it was hilarious because we were the only 'wells fargo' employees there representing so we ran over and took our own picture.

I dont know who these lovely women are but I love how excited they were and I loved all the pink flare! These women never stopped screaming, jumping, cheering and even dancing!

This was the line of motorcycles that kicked off the race. Im not personally a big motorcycle person but it was pretty amazing seeing them all together and I felt like a little kid walking past them all giddy about how cool it was with them all on their bikes and cheering everyone on. Its not everyday you see a motorcycle guy with pink all over his leather.
Random fish downtown .. not sure why or where it came from but all the kids LOVED it.

the band. dont laugh.

And my favorite, walking across the suspension bridge. Its insane because the entire bridge shakes as we all go across.

It was a great morning. The entire weekend was a lot of fun having Freeland's mom here with us. We worked hard on our "to do in waco" list so I will post all those pictures & updates soon.


  1. You go girl!! My mom is a breast cancer survivor - so thank you!!! Beautiful blog!

  2. I miss the race in Waco! The motorcycles are cool but definitely hurt the ears! Last year, they were under that bridge on mlk and it was like oh, reverberations.

  3. Now you have experienced what it is like to start a marathon. Shoulder to shoulder across that bridge. I have lost several good friends from BC-so thank you for striding out for a really good cause.