Wednesday, May 28, 2008

pet taxi's

So, the cats are riding in the truck with me during our move up north. We realized since this is a longer drive than their normal drive to the vet we should get them a "cat taxi" to ride in. I was hesitant to put them in one because my cat growing up freaked when we put him in. So we went last week to get the carriers so they could "warm" up to them.

I set them out to see what they would do.. I also sat there and prayed they would just happen to love going in them. Well - prayers answered. These crazies get a kick out of their little carriers. Here is what happened when they discovered them as I was packing:

Sam (the little black one) discovered them first and got in. Thats when Eddie thought he would check them out also
Ed thought he would just mess with Sam first

Sam realizing something was now on top of her carrier
Ed going in for the kill
Then Ed realized "oh wait - I have my own over there - never mind."
Eddie just chillaxing:
Sam slowly crawling over to get payback:

Eddie notices Sam.. Sam just looks away like nothing is going on:

And "BAM" sneak attack

Ed still just sits calmly and tries to eat sams paw while Sam goes nuts getting revenge. This goes on for a while until Sam feels she got payback..

Then Sam realizes she can go back to her own carrier and rest peacefully again

Summary: they love the pet taxi's and I think our trip to Erie is going to go smoothly now.

Side note: We have walked in and caught both of them snuggling together in the same carrier. its pretty stinkin cute.


  1. BROOKE-THAT IS ONE FAT CAT! Time for Nutri system for cats!

  2. LOL, my cats flew from PA to Vegas in their Pet taxis...........they were not impressed.

  3. they were snuggling??? soooo cute!!! good luck with the move...I'm sure it will go great!