Friday, May 23, 2008

packing time ...

The packing officially started last Monday. This is just part of the insane amount of boxes that were given to us to help us pack. Dear baby jesus - thats a ton of boxes. Thanks to Zach {also known as Z Money} for saving us who knows how much money and supplying us with more boxes than I have ever seen before.

There are over 100 boxes in our garage right now waiting to be packed.. so I should probably not sit here at the computer right now.


  1. One box at a time-one box at a time. It is a good time to throw away-if you have not used it and can't imagine using it. Advice from the knowing. DO NOT put too much in the boxes-you have to carry them and sometimes alone.

  2. eeeck....I have never had to pack thank the good lord up above. I can't imagine packing. I couldn't even wrap my head around it. It took 3 packers and 16 hours to pack us and then 5 guys to load us onto a semi....A FULL MOVING of the big mothers.

  3. How nice to have so many boxes given to you - they are so expensive. We moved over the weekend but we use plastic bins now at the rate we move. 7 times in 4 years and I'm sure plenty more to come! Good luck with the packing!