Monday, May 19, 2008

one more day of work left

tomorrow is Freeland's last day at work and I cant wait! Not because I dont want him to work or that I cant be away from him.. but because of when he works. The weekends are just not a fun time to work.

The entire time he has been working I kept thinking "man I have such a great attitude and Im being such a supportive wife" because I never complained that I had to go by myself or that he couldnt come with me to all these birthday parties, family events, wedding showers etc.

Before when we dated I may have been known to 'pout' if he couldn't make it with me so this was a big accomplishment for me .. Of course I never admitted how proud I was of myself for making an effort to never make him feel guilty - until now.. Im admitting my ignorance to the world.

But, the point is, I never realized that while it wasnt fun for me and i had such a 'great' attitude - it was really so much harder for Freeland. He wasnt choosing to go to work and miss these things. He had to go to work and miss out on all of them. He had to sit and watch me go and enjoy myself and spend time with friends & family while he had to go to work.

So Im incredibly thankful for a husband that will sacrifice his weekend and his time to help provide for us and make sure that we are financially able to make the move up north. He never wanted these jobs but he took them knowing they would help us.

I know that going into the medical field this is something that we may or may not have to "get used to". But I think its harder when the job that he had wasnt something he wanted to be doing and wasnt anything he was passionate about. Not that you will ever choose to go to work over being with your family. But I think its a little easier when you do enjoy what you do.

Of course, I am excited to have the hubby back on the weekends.. but I think the dogs are REALLY going to love having him home! Here are some pictures that I just found .. this is what our lazy Sundays {and weekends} look like for them when dad is around:

chillaxing in the yard after a walk:

playing Frisbee with dad:

Look at Oliver! He just cracks me up. He stares really well at that Frisbee.. but always lets his sister catch it - then he goes in for the kill and tries to just chase her with it.

I am also sooo excited to say that because of Freelands hard work we are officially going into med school DEBT FREE and we even have a little bit of savings started! We set a goal a long time ago to do this and I cant believe we actually did! Its such a huge relief to have everything paid off and done with.. and to be able to start this next chapter in our life fresh! I dont know how to explain what it feels like and how thankful I am to be done with it all.

And its all thanks to Freeland that we did get it all done.. I should also note that he did it for me, well for us, but it wasnt ever anything that bothered him. Clearly, he doesnt want to have debt.. but he didnt obsess over it like I did... probably more than it should have. So that is why it means even more to me to have it paid off - he really worked hard to do it for us because he knew it was something that meant a lot to me.


  1. Cool!!!!!!!!! Now will you come out of medschool debt free???? heheheh j/k.

  2. ha ha! Great imagination! Wouldnt that be nice .. probably not especially when you add on his undergrad and master at Baylor!