Thursday, May 29, 2008

one last final touch on the house

Part of the agreement when we listed our house for sale was that we would finish the only thing that hadnt been done.. the grass in the backyard. We were waiting until right when we moved so the dogs didnt tear it up. So last week Freeland ordered all the grass {ps. lowes was over 200 cheaper than home depot for the same exact grass.. so if you are looking to plant some grass your yard try lowes} and we did our final update on our house.

Here is the yard before. {note: to see where it originally started back in the day click here.}All the empty places are from where Kevin & Freeland pulled up the stone last summer.

that little shed/house on the left is what we called our 'dog house'. It worked out perfect for our over sized pups. I think they will miss it because they loved staying in there.

Here is part of the pallet of grass the we ordered in Freelands truck. We had to drive 15 mph home because it lowered the truck so much.

Here is the entire pallet before we started.

And here are the after pictures. Finally there is fresh grass & you actually want to go in the backyard!

I pretty much love it now. Its going to fill out even more in the next few weeks. We wont be here to see it but Im sure it will look even better!

Go ahead - scroll back up to the top and check out how bare it was before again!

Feels good to be done. donesky. finished. completed. over. finis. amen.


  1. When we moved into our new church, the entire congregation helped put down the sod. We had several 18 wheeler loads & the members looked like an army of ants putting it out. Such a good feeling when you finish though, so I know just how you feel.

  2. It looks so good!!! You have such a precious house. I know you will make the next one just as cute!

  3. It looks beautiful. Great job.

    The new redesign of the blog is AWESOME too!

  4. Your grass looks amazing - I am so impressed! And I Love the new blog design! Super cute!

  5. We are thinkign about starting a blog and curious who made your header or how you did it?? Will you please share?!