Monday, May 26, 2008

my first sewing machine

Freelands mom came in town this weekend to help us pack after we all went to see family & celebrate her & carls anniversary. It was the biggest blessing ever because she helped pretty much pack up the entire kitchen - which is my least favorite to do. And she packed up all the glassware - which is also my least favorite to do. While she was here I realized that I never posted these pictures from her last trip to Waco.

Freelands mom loves to sew and as you may know I had no idea how to sew. {literally Freeland had to sew my pants for me when the hem came out a while ago} So Freelands mom bought me a singer machine and taught me how to sew! I couldnt believe it! Here are some pictures from the big reveal:

p.s. thats Martha Stewart on the box. Yes, this makes me love it even more.

Here she is showing me all the fun details .. how to turn it on.. where the thread goes.. all the fun buttons..

I love her {the sewing machine - not martha stewart .. but I do like her also}

So after we got everything out the next step was to actually learn how to sew! We went out and got fabric and decided to make an apron. It sounded like a great 'simple' idea.. little did we know this was not an ordinary apron. It ended up taking 2 visits to finish. Maybe we should have started with pillows - but I guess now I know how to make ruffles, pockets, and a lot of other fun tricks so it was worth it.

Here is the mess we made in the dining room. Freeland's mom brought me tons of fabric to have out of her collection.. and she also stocked me with every tool I will ever need to sew anything and everything. It was overwhelming - in a good way.

Here is the final product.. on Freeland while he was grilling outside.. maybe not the best picture to show all the fancy details - but its a start. My first sewing project:

Im excited to set up a little sewing place at our new house.. Im hoping to learn how to do even more.. Which means everyones Christmas presents will now probably be made on the sewing machine :) Who knows - maybe one day I could be like Heather Bailey - probably not ever.. but here's to dreaming.


  1. Teach Camille when you get to PA.

  2. Although I like Freeland in the Apron......sewing is bad bad bad. I have never been able to do patience. All that measuring, pinning, cutting, lining things up, threading bobbins.....eeeck. I never finished my skirt in home-ec and my shirt had 2 holes in the neck. My husband was in the military so he learned how to sew buttons etc. and he does our stuff for us if we lose a button or something. Maybe you could make my hubby an apron???

  3. Yeah for sewing!! I have a Singer and swear by it. I can't wait to see all the fun projects you come up with. I have a sewing "nook" in our house and have spent countless hours in there since we've moved here. It's a lot better than when we lived in the one-bedroom apt. and I would turn our kitchen table into Sewing Central. Anyways, happy sewing!