Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my dad preachin' it

The other week my dad spoke at church. I couldnt be there but they posted it online for all to hear. For those who dont know, he is a CFO which really just means he LOVES numbers and finances.. so its only appropriate that he focused on that as he spoke. He shared his journey {testimony, if you will} The link is below if you want to hear. {its about 10 minutes long} Im proud.

Here is what Gene {the pastor} wrote on his blog about it .. And the series they are doing:

Nothing is as dangerous as encountering the true and living God. Why? Because meeting God redefines everything we call normal and commands us to seek first his kingdom (Matthew 6:33).

This is why God's messengers speak these words of assurance again and again in the Bible: "Fear not." The righteous, holy, all-powerful God, maker of heaven and earth, is no one's peer. "Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one (says the LORD)." (Isaiah 44:8)

God cannot be tamed. God alone lives in perfect and uninhibited freedom. God is and will be God. There is no other.

The witness of all who have had the closest and most personal encounters with God-- from Abraham to Peter, from David to Paul, from Sarah to Mary--agree encountering God means you will never be the same. This is the greatest (and best) danger of worship. —Mark Labberton, THE DANGEROUS ACT OF WORSHIP: LIVING GOD'S CALL TO JUSTICE

That led us into our time of worship, which was minimalist compared to our usual band and sound, but appropriate for our "Less is More" theme of the day. It was a special time that led us up to David Chisum's FaithStory. If you missed it, go here. His story will inspire and challenge you.

Or you can click here: http://www.legacychurch.org/content_mp3/20080427-1030msg.mp3

I also LOVE what John Piper wrote so I had to add it:

"Don't waste your money.

You have your money as a steward, not as an owner. You don't own anything, not even your bodies. You are a manager. Get the notion that you own things out of your head.

This means that your money is wasted if it does not acheive the purposes of its owner—God.

You have been entrusted with money so that the way you use it will show that Jesus is more valuable than money. How will you do that? That's the challenge of life in America.

Jesus talks about money more than he talks about heaven, hell, or any other sin.(Luke 6:20, 8:14, 9:58, 12:15, 31, 33, 14:33; Matt 6:19-20, 6:25; 2 Cor 6:9-10; Eph 4:28; 1 Tim 6:7-10, 18)

Christianity is not a come-and-see religion, where we build big monuments . It's a go-and-tell religion. Therefore it requires wartime simplicity.

Put a cap on your lifestyle or it will take you over. How would you do that if you had access to royalties from thirty books? I face that problem. I've signed away all of them to a foundation because I'm afraid of it! I want to go to heaven far more than I want to be rich." - John Piper


  1. All you people keep posting about JP and I have to laugh....my cousin Molly is married to his son Aber (Abraham). Aber is the web content editor for Desiring God Ministries (his Dad's church). So weird how people are connected!!! Kind of spooky!

  2. WHAT?!?! Thats crazy! How fun is that! I had to re-read your post a few times to believe what I was reading. :) I learned about him a while ago but there is a pastor named Matt Chandler here in Texas who got me hooked on Piper. Small world.

  3. This is Molly's blog....

    Here is Aber's blog...

    This is John Piper's wife's blog...

    just in case you are interested in reading.