Saturday, May 31, 2008

happy birthday camille!!

Its camille-ionares birthday!!!! Oh if only it was 4 days later we would be there to celebrate!!! I guess we will just get to celebrate AGAIN in 4 days together!!!

As you all know, those who read this blog, we talk about adam & cam a lot! But did you know that Camille and I didnt really know each other in college? I mean we knew who each other was but that was about it. Then when Freeland & Adam lived together after college we started to get to know each other but it wasnt really until they got married for some reason they all the sudden felt like our best friends! It makes me wish back in college we had known each other.

Camille is hilarious, as you all know from her blog, and she is super giving and loving. She is always interested in how you are doing and always eager to help. I remember while we were planning our wedding she was always so helpful {in addition to letting us "borrow" a lot of ideas from her wedding} Cam also was a huge help when Freeland was applying to Lecom, when we were looking for places to live, or when we just need anything - she is there! For those who dont know her except from just reading her blog - you should also know she is even funnier in real life and tells amazingly hilarious & honest stories!

So are you jealous that we get to live 10 minutes from her again? I couldn't be more excited to be close and have such an amazing friend near by during the next few years! Happy Bday Camille - see you in few days... and we will party like its your birthday. Go shorty.


  1. We spent a lot of time today talking about the 2 of you. The Jennings are excited to show you around Erie & we found a great new spot for all 4 of you to go to dinner. Sorry I will not be here next week to order everyone around while unpacking!