Thursday, May 8, 2008

happy birthday baca

Adam Baca.. the man who brought Freeland & I together.. along with his beautiful wife Jessica. {really I say it was Jessica but its your birthday Adam so you can take credit today} Adam is another one of freelands besties.. along with Stephen who just celebrated his birthday 2 posts down. Jess & Adam live in Albuquerque, NM {how in the world are you supposed to remember how to spell that. thank you spell check} and we miss them a lot. Adam is a great friend. He is very wise and always has great advice and he also makes Freeland laugh.. so thats another thing he's got goin for him. On top of the fact that he does accounting! Yep he's one of those number people... god bless them.

Happy Birthday Adam. Im sure Jess will make a FABULOUS cake or other fancy treat for you! We wish we were there to celebrate with yall.

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  1. Albuquerque is soooo pretty. Been through there a couple of times during our cross country transfers. What a great adventure for them to live there. I have LOVED moving around and living so many different places.