Tuesday, May 6, 2008

do you twitter??

Twitter .. yes.. twitter. I have thought about posting this for a long time now but couldnt get myself to. Then I realized just because Im not sold on the whole "twitter-holic" thing like everyone else doesnt mean that yall wont be?! So Im sharing this with any of you who havent somehow already heard about the phenomenon.

If you don't know what twitter is you should get over to http://www.twitter.com/ and check it out or check out this blog where she makes some great statements regarding the twitter phenomenon. It is a great way to follow the status of your friends and know an answer at all times to one simple question: what are you doing? You can choose to get updates to your phone from select friends or just read the updates on the web. Its really a smart idea.

I think its a great idea especially if lots of people are wanting to stay updated on lets say .. a baby being born! Someone who is at the hospital could just text updates to twitter so everyone else could stay in the loop!

..Or if you ever happen to be trapped in an Egyptian Jail!!!!!!!!! Oh my lord - yes someone twittered their way out of jail! When I read that - I laughed & couldnt believe it. Thats when I started thinking, okay maybe this thing has a purpose.. but its still a little crazy. Check it out: Student 'Twitters' his way out of Egyptian Jail

So now the question that twitter begs is: why would someone I don't know want to follow me on more than just a blog? I dont think they would so thats why Im not sold yet. I did think about twitter-ing our move and drive across the US so people could stay updated. Not sure if I will. But maybe. At this point I can say: my name is Brooke and I am NOT a twitter-holic. But if you are - let me know and I will follow your updates!

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  1. I think twittering is illegal in the bible belt...............

  2. I think I am with you on this one! Do people REALLY need to know what I am doing all the time? Seems a little stalker-ish to me!

    Hope the prepping to move is going well!