Thursday, May 8, 2008

disciplining our kids

and by kids I mean our dog. maddie for the first time that I can remember took food off of one of our plates when we went outside last night. I wouldn't have noticed except there was a pile of broccoli on the floor - so apparently she didnt like that as much as the meat. Typical child.

So we had to discipline her.. we made her eat every bite of the broccoli that was left. Here is a picture of my hubby in "dad" mode:
She did not enjoy eating every last piece of it. But I think she learned a lesson.. either that or she thinks we are going to feed her now.


  1. She learned a VERY valuable lesson, next time HIDE the broccoli!

  2. What's wrong with Madeline? Broccoli was my favorite part! Especially soaked in cheese. Mmmmmm.

  3. LOL, Dr. Phil says that you if you make a kid eat everything on their plate they will grow up with an eating disorder. I think your family needs some counseling. hehehehe

  4. love it! cracks me up! we need Freeland at our house during dinner time, our 2 year old Charlie will not eat "bor-roc-co-lie" (he make it 4 syllables somehow)

  5. haha!
    awww.. I hate broccoli. I feel bad for her. haha