Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What would you do-oo-oo for a klondike bar?

Probably not that much because Im not the biggest fan of them ..

anywho, were off to Dallas tomorrow.. I am getting a little "work done" on my computer.. and by that I mean that my work is swapping out my computer and doing some upgrades.. so I get 2 days off while they doctor it up. Thank you work - youre so sweet!

And Im so excited because Freeland gets to come with me! So were making a trip of it.. getting errands done, doing doctors appointments, seeing family.. and drum roll please .. Im finally going to go play golf with him.

Yes, i finally gave in. You probably dont know this - but Freeland has been begging me to play with him for a long time. He even convinced one of his friends to GIVE me golf clubs. I always said "thanks - but maybe another time.." or "well, thats your 'guy' time so I dont want to be in the way - you should just go on your own" {pull the ol' Im a super sweet supportive wife on him.. just so I dont have to go} Mostly because this is how I saw it going:

I would swing & miss the ball every time.. and/or end up swinging the golf club across the green instead of the ball every time .. other experienced golfers will chuckle over how horrible I am.. then I would just get really frustrated and even though it wont be his fault I will just take it out on him and blame him for my lack of skill.. take everything uber-personal.. he would try to encourage me and I would just get even more frustrated because Im being uber sensitive.. then we would probably go a few minutes without talking.. I would be to proud to apologize b/c Im the "victim" here.. then I would eventually I would apologize and be really embarrassed over how dumb I was .. and say "how about I just drive the cart." Thats not fun?? So I never go with him.

But the opportunity presented itself.. and he has been asking really nicely for the last few months so I figured why not? Hopefully it goes a little better than how always imagined it! I will keep yall posted!

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  1. Ha! That's how it went at the driving range the one and only time that I went with Adam! I'm sure you'll do much better than I did and at least you can soak up the sun!