Saturday, May 10, 2008

texas wineries

remember when I lied and said the wildseed farm was the last update I had from our trip to the hill country? Well i confess - it was a lie. We also went to wineries. I just didnt want you to get bored from all my updates. But remember.. I only post ALL gazillion of these for this.

Okay so we also did a few tours of wineries while we were there. Did you know that Texas is something like 2nd to California for wine? They told us that when we were there. I dont know facts though. Sadly I didnt take pictures of all of the wine tastings. But here are a few:

This was the winery in Comfort. Its called Singing Water Vineyards. We loved it. The couple who runs the vineyard is very hands on and meets everyone who comes by. They also had the most precious puppy there so we of course loved that.

Thats Freeland in the background going to play with the dog:
The vineyard:

I really didnt get that many pictures of the first winery. But I did get more at the last one we went to.

On our way out we stopped at Becker Vineyards. This is a much larger vineyard and we decided to go here because we really did want to taste what they had. We have had their wines before from the grocery store so it was fun to get to see where its made.

This is the entrance to the vineyard and the tasting room:

It was a cloudy day but the flowers were beautiful at this winery. I loved how the entire place was set up! Very hill country-ish and pretty:

We ended up buying a few glasses and enjoying cheese & bread on their porch. It was nice because we were really the only ones out there since it was a sunday. Yes its okay to drink wine on sundays people.

More pictures of the vineyard. This would be an AMAZING place to have a wedding. They have a banquet room.. beautiful porch.. place for guests to stay.. etc.

If you can actually see through the leaves - this was a well that was still working. I loved it.

We also played some croquet while we were there.

I have no idea how to play so I was just hitting the ball around:

Oh and they also have lavender fields that are amazing! I have never seen lavender while its being grown before but I loved it!

Just a few more pictures of the porch that I was in love with:

Okay now .. no lie.. that is the last post from our trip. Phew.


  1. We've done the NAPA valley touring-SO MUCH FUN! Will have to try the TX tour next!

  2. Um, wish we'd been there! I bet it wasn't as great as the Salado winery!

  3. How beautiful!!
    I'm so jealous you got served wine on Sundays. In the "deep south" it's against the law to serve alcohol on Sundays!!

  4. Not kidding - we totally did that exact same trip last August! It is beautiful down there!!! We stopped at Becker also!!! SO funny!