Wednesday, April 2, 2008


while watching Welcome to the Captain

The Captain: {ie George Bluth, Arrested Development} I live here Josh, the Captain has been my home for the last 26 year. Through 4 marriages and 79 episodes of a "little known" TV show called .... {I missed what they said} yes, I was a writer on T-Co back in the 70's.

Freeland: ha ha ha ha ha .. T-Co.. ha ha

Brooke: What is that spanish??

Freeland: youre joking right?

Brooke: what? I dont know spanish?

Freeland: The first letter of Three is T .. and company is "co" hence.. "Im was a writer for Three's Company.. ie: "T-Co" so that is not in spanish..

So I made Freeland rewind the whole thing because I still thought I was right and it was spanish.. well I stand corrected.. T-Co is short for Three's Company.. in case any of you no habla espanol and get estrando on los streetos .. now you know. {ps. I took swahili in college.. so I dont remember spanish}


  1. Brooke! I didn't know if you'd be getting emails at your work email since they're updating your computer. Do you want to have lunch with me and Rene next Tuesday (4/8) at 12:30? I would LOVE to see you before you guys move away... Let me know, talk to you soon!

  2. i know - we shouldnt post after so much wine anymore. :)