Sunday, April 6, 2008

She & Him

Dear Blog Readers, I am in love ... and how dare I keep it from you?!

Did you see elf?
Did you love when Zooey Deschanel sang that song in the shower in that movie?
Did you search for her after trying to figure out anything you could about her - to see if she was an actor or singer?
Did you hope you would find out she was a singer?
Did you get really bummed when you found nothing!?

Not anymore friends.. She is now has an album!! She & Him
Its a new collaboration with M.Ward - very good album. All the songs are different and her voice is just as great as you would have imagined it! Nostalgic maybe .. yes nostalgic! Go to their website and have a listen! {loving the brown hair!}

Oh and they also tour!


  1. no way! i thought the same thing when i saw Elf! i loved her voice and wondered if she had any cds. thanks for sharing!

  2. Are we talking ELF w/will ferrel or am I missing something here???
    i don't remember any of this.......