Wednesday, April 16, 2008

road trip

not me .. them:

{jazz hands}

For those who dont know, my brother {and his pup gracie} are taking some time off and traveling/road tripping for the next 3 months. Yep, he put a pause on the j-o-b, moved out of his apartment, got rid of lots of other things, packed up his car and left yesterday. Where to? Anywhere he wants! His plan is to just start driving west and see where it takes him.

Were all really excited for him and I cant wait to see pictures, hear how it goes, where he ends up, what he learns, who he meets, where he sleeps?! .. I will keep yall posted as I get updates from him!

So, because he is leaving my family decided to have a little lunch get together to see him off last Saturday. You see, by the time he gets back Freeland & I will be gone.. and after we leave.. my cousin will leave for college.. so I realized that this is the last time for a LONG time that my whole family will be able to get together. And we are the "get together" kind of family. So it was important for me to make yet another "quick - drive in - drive out" trip to Dallas on Saturday so I could be with them all 1 last time. Here are some pictures from the cook out:

Bethany, Mark & my Mom chillaxing outside:
Mom watching Mark grill:He eats a lot.. but he can still do things like that at his age:
more family hanging out inside:
apparently we weren't that exciting.. or he ate too much & fell asleep:
Gracie is the star of the show these days.. how could she not be when she does things like this though:
sadly, I missed some dear friends showers! Storey {wilkes} Cook is having a baby girl very soon!! And both Paige Patton and Robin Northern are gettin hitched. Not to each other!! I was very excited to be invited to each of their showers - and I was equally bummed I couldnt be there to celebrate with all of them! Ive seen pictures from a few and it looked like all of them were amazing and they were all "showered" with lots and lots of fun things!!

Have fun on your trip brother. If you decide to venture over to the east coast come stay with us in Erie!

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