Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kate Leslie & Jared Edwards Wedding

Like I mentioned before, last weekend Free & I went down to the hill country for Kate & Jared's wedding. {more pictures from the rest of our trip coming soon} Their wedding was the most beautiful wedding and we had such a great time.

The ceremony & the reception were held on her families ranch, The Giles Ranch. Once we were in comfort we quickly that this ranch was a big deal. Its a century ranch, which means her family has owned it for over a century.. and its something like 15,000 acres. HUGE! Just to give you an idea of how large it is once we pulled off the country road to go into the ranch.. we still drove at least another 10 or 15 minutes to get to where the wedding was.. which was more at the front of the property. I loved that the ranch has such a history and story behind it. It made their wedding even more special. Oh & its where he proposed also! So here are some pictures from the wedding:

There was a cute little creek right behind them as they said their vows - it was the perfect spot for a ceremony!

Look - what a stud! How lucky am I ?

wait .. what?

The reception was also outside .. and across the yard from this they had a tent and dance floor out! I told you it was beautiful huh?!

Found this little guy hiding:

Me & Ames:

The yablonski kids.. good looking family arent they!

This is the car they drove off in. Jared has been working on it for the last few years & completely restored it so it was also very special to them!!

This little kid was adroble. He was sitting there playing with a worm I think.. but it was pretty cute

Freeland again with the adorable little faces:

wife & husband's first dance:

Okay, so I dont really know how to explain this but back in college Amy, Meier, and I started this thing where we thought it was hilarious to make "circles" on the dance floor.. I think it first happened when we were frustrated that nobody was leaving us any dancing room at a phi chi party or something & we werent there to talk - we were there to dance people!! So we started 'sliding' back and forth with our arms spread out .. acting like we were dancing - but really we were just nicely making room for ourselves {some may have seen it as pushing people out of the way - we dont see it that way} well.. it worked. Then it became a huge joke to us and we did it everywhere we went. Then I started dating Freeland & he joined in on the fun..

At the reception I heard Amy's mom ask "are you the one that makes circles with Amy?" thus the pictures below happened:

We even got the kids doing it:

Amy's parents out on the dance floor:

And let it be known for the first time in my life i sang "delta love" at a wedding. This is the only picture I have capturing the moment. Even though at first Amy & I were kinda trying to hide - Im really glad we did it because it was a fun memory!

yep - we did this:

Amy & Sarah before Kate did the bouquet toss .. Sarah caught it!

Amy & Freeland dancing! Hilarious

The wedding party filled the car with "shot gun bullets" - I thought it was very clever & as everyone was standing there after throwing rice they had to sit there and clean out their car! oops:


  1. BROOKE! You got some great pics!!! If you can email me the originals, I would SO love that(kate_leslie@mac.com) ... Thanks for the 'shout out' on your famous blog. I am so happy that you and Freeland made the trip for the wedding, and so glad that Amy had a "circles" dance partner! Everyone loved Freeland's boogy moves :) Love you both, Kate