Sunday, April 27, 2008

how to make other soccer moms jealous

While we were in fredericksburg {pictures still coming soon} we turned the corner looking for a parking spot so we could make it to all the wine tastings before they closed .. and right before my little eyes I couldnt believe what I saw. It was more incredible than anything I have ever seen before ... there she was in perfect bright bubble gum shades of pink.. my dream car! I couldn't believe the way they were able to customize her! Here she is: Pimp my Ride Fredericksburg style:

This is how you make other soccer moms jealous:

in case you couldn't see the bling on the rims in the other pictures.. here is a close up for you. Check out the ice on these bad boys:

dear lord thats insane! Who knew that Fredericksburg would have such pimped out rides?! I laughed a lot! If you could only see her in person. She has bling {aka ice, diamonds, sparkle, frost, etc} on every little place you can add them! IE: the handles, license plate, windshield wipers, the bars on the top of the car, & lights!

Oh and like I mentioned - we were in a hurry to get to the wine tastings before all the places closed! Well because of this lovely distraction and my saying "I have to get a picture of this".. dont worry we had to run at least 8 blocks to get to the wineries only to get there and realize I forgot my i.d.

In Summary: the lesson learned here is wife gets easily distracted with things that make her laugh.. always ask her if she has her ID with her. This is a reoccurring event that happens monthly - sometimes weekly - sometimes daily. Especially when husband doesnt find said object humorous.. then husband will not have to run 8 blocks back to get wife's wallet.


  1. Oh, now I know what to ask for when my birthday rolls around. Sparkly car.

  2. I would have stuck around-just to see WHO IN THE WORLD was driving that pepto bismol bottle on wheels.

  3. i'm asking erik to "pimp my sequioa" for mother's day....what color did you say that was??? bubble gum??