Friday, April 25, 2008

guess who had a sonogram done?

WHAT? I interrupt the re-cap of our weekend blogging to let you know that I got a sonogram last week!! Stop, its not what youre thinking. It wasnt on my belly! {no baby okay!} It was on my heart!

Dont worry- nothing is wrong. It was just a little test the doc wanted to do. I really had no idea what it was when he said he was ordering an "echo-cardiogram" for me. Dont laugh - thats why I married a man who is going to be a doctor - so he can explain these types of things to me & Im not required to just know them. So I walked in the office .. had to put on this awesome gown that opened in the front! I dont know which is worse.. the front or the back?!.. and before I knew it the nurse started rubbing this extremely cold jelly stuff all over me.

I thought to myself "huh, thats strange isnt that what they do when you are prego?" Then the next thing I know she has a little tool and is rubbing it all over where she put the jelly! Thats when I really started thinking "whats going on here? I could swear its like Im getting a sonogram here.. i saw this in Juno" so I looked up and saw the screen and before I knew it my future was flashing before my eyes and it was just like Free & I were sitting there waiting to see if it was a boy or girl! And it was a little too overwhelming to handle.

It looked a little like this.. except clearly Im not a man:

I politely asked the nurse, "ma'am, are you looking for a baby in there?" She was nice and explained that babies are in your tummy not up by your heart - but she did jump down to my tummy just to show me there wasnt a baby there. :) Phew! I just started laughing.

Who knew that getting an echo-cardiogram is so freakishly close to the same thing as getting a sonogram? Clearly, I really knew it was for my heart and they werent looking for a baby but I kept finding myself thinking "this is what its going to be like when I am have a little nugget in my belly" and I even caught myself looking at the screen kinda looking to find a little dash on there moving around. {thats what a baby looks like when you are first prego Im told.. but for obvious reasons I have no idea so just go with the whole dash thing for now okay?!}

oh my goodness - have I mentioned what an overwhelming feeling it was .. and Im not even expecting! :) I think the nurse saw my amazement with the whole process & excitement for the one day we do get to see a baby in there & thats why the she kept joking around with me about it! I also want to let it be noted that while she did see my giddiness she also saw my relief that for the time being there isnt another heart beating on the screen!

All that to say, it was all fun and games - and made me look forward to the future when Freeland & I do decide to start popping out little ones .. that was until I got a statement yesterday from the hospital with the stinkin cost of that little sonogram! Lets just say - I was quickly right back into reality of one of the reasons why we are waiting a LONG LONG time to have babies!


  1. oh! oops - I guess I left that detail out! Thanks for reminding me :) The heart is great and im in perfect health!! Thanks for asking!!

  2. Brooke - I really did hit your blog first, but my initial post must have failed. Now my comment to The Chiz's blog will have an earlier time stamp. My apologies.

    Regardless of the time stamp - I can testify your HEART is more than OK, some may say it's golden. BTW - you didn't need an expensive medical exam to tell you this, just ask your friends and fam.


  3. You had me scared there for a minute! I'm so glad to hear that your heart is ok! I've had an echo done before and I had the same feelings that you did! Freaky!

  4. Oh my gosh...I had one of these done 2 weeks ago. I have been having problems w/sinus tachychardia. I exercise all the time etc. so I was like "why is my heart beating so fast" wasn't crazy fast like some people that go in it is like 188-over 200. I had 112 at my highest point and was freaking out. Apparently brought on by stress, exercise etc. or so the doc says. My echo was fine also. Freaks you out though, eh?? Did me.

  5. Oh and speaking of cost...don't forget there are 2 charges. One for the actual sonogram and one from the lovely radiologist for the reading.