Tuesday, April 29, 2008


like I mentioned in my last post we pulled into Fredericksburg & spent the rest of the afternoon on Friday there first. I love this little town! It has so much character and lots of little things to do. We walked around & spent the rest of the day playing here. Like always, here are some pictures:

These are some of the buildings on the main street. I love how unique they all are:

Here is one of the many beautiful churches:

and here is another one:

This was one of the German restaurants they have there. We didnt eat here but it looked like a great place and the entire building opened up to the street so it was great for people watching also!

The picture below shows the other bed & breakfast we almost stayed at. In the end we didn't because the balcony was under construction & it was the main reason we were going to stay there. But if you ever go to fredericksburg this place looked great. It was called Main Street Bed & Breakfast:

we ended up eating at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company. It was a brew house so we wanted to try the different brews they had. The food was really good also & we met a lot of wonderful people. I highly recommend this place:

We also quickly learned that in fredericksburg it is legal to carry beverages with alcohol on the street. I couldnt believe it! Here is some proof for all you others who dont believe it also:

Freeland with a glass of wine on the streets of Fredericksburg

I enjoyed this sign a lot. The store was a little more expensive than I prefer but I give them many props for the sign.. Pretty much all of the stores here have beautiful signs & I happen to really appreciate all of them!

One of the many restaurants with fabulous patios to sit & enjoy:

more pictures of how pretty it is everywhere in the hill country:

Dont you love this town also now?? There is so much more that I didnt take pictures of! We had so much fun.. there are a gazillion little places to enjoy. Tons of restaurants & bakeries. Tons of wine tastings. Tons of goodies to buy... Im really thankful we got to enjoy the afternoon here.


  1. OH MY GOSH-the Texas I remember from my youth! We need to make a trip there-we would love it!

  2. So you're not going to believe this, but randy & i spent this past weekend in Fredericksburg for our 1 year anniversary! We loved it! We stayed in a B&B outside of town, and visited Enchanted Rock. The one thing we didn't do is take pictures of the town. :( We did get lots of the Hill Country though! Hope you had fun!

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  4. I love Fredericksburg! One of Lee's med school friends got married there and I think it was at one of the churches pictured. Looks like y'all had fun!! I miss the hill country!

  5. I visited Fredburg back in '97. I love bakeries and pastries and I LOVE Al Fresco dining.