Monday, April 14, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Well, the countdown has begun. Less than 2 months before we leave Waco to head to Erie. 49 days to be exact. We have already started packing {more on that later} and I have already reached the point where every single thing I look at I think "oh.. Im going to miss that". So we created a "to do before we leave" list to make sure we hit all the spots that make Waco so wonderful. Here it is in no particular order:

  1. Throw tortillas off the suspension bridge
  2. Have a picnic in Cameron Park
  3. Go to the Cameron Park Zoo
  4. Double R's Burger
  5. Kitoks
  6. Eat at Penland or Memorial on Campus
  7. Go to the Flea Market on La Salle
  8. Go to the Dr. Pepper Museum
  9. Kayak in the Brazos
  10. Snow Cones
  11. Take a picture with the Gorilla on Austin. Ave
  12. Go out to the Lake Waco Dam
  13. Baris
  14. Papa Rollo's Pizza
  15. Lolitas
  16. Practically Picasso
  17. Go to "the compound"
  18. Drive Inn Movies
  19. Go visit the World Hunger Farm 1 last time
  20. The Circle: Elite Cafe & Health Camp
  21. take a walk on BU Campus {& tunnels possibly}
  22. The Czech Stop for Kolaches

So thats the list as of now. Ignore that half of it revolves around food...

You may be asking yourself: "why is she telling us these things?" Because Friends .. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Is there anything missing on this list?? Anything we need to add?? Those of you that are still here is there anything that you love most that isnt on that list?? Those of you who have moved away - is there anything specific that yall miss most about Waco or Texas and recommend we do before movin up north?? Thanks for your help! I will keep yall posted as we check things off in the next 49 days ...


  1. LOL, you are not dying....just moving to Erie. If you miss the kolach stop you can go to my Grandmas or Moms when you get to Erie and they will fix you homemade kolach! There used to be the greatest drive in at Erie right at you start down the hill into the peninsula on the right hand side. When we got transferred back there in '98 we used to go to the drive in all the time. It was so much fun. It is gone now....booo hooo, but so am I.

  2. This list made me miss Waco even more! I have a few more that you may or may not want to add to your list: run the bear trail, go to Katie's Custard, and play frisbee golf at Cameron Park.

  3. Some think moving away from Waco is like dying ... but you have to live there to experience it!

    Here are my additions:
    1. Enjoy ACC worship and sermons as much as you can. Soak it up!
    2. Ninfa's. (and eat some green sauce for me!)

    Have some fried okra at Kitok's for me too!

    Moving IS fun though! It is a great adventure (I am sure Cam will attest to this!) esp when you are married.

  4. Oh. Oh.
    okay, ummmm...

    Here's what you should do?
    Walk the bear trail.
    Go see the Bears at the Bear pit.
    Go sit in on a Baylor class and raise your hand every couple of minutes and ask, "Will this be on the boards?"
    Go to Cameron Park.
    Go to katie's Custard with the dogs.

  5. oh I so love yall for all of your help!! Duh, how could I have forgot those?! They will be added to the list pronto!

    Thanks for the offer on the homemade kolach! :)

    Funny to think in 4 years I will probably write the same post about erie and how Im going to miss it!

  6. Memories!! Makes me want to visit so badly. I'm some of the others:

    Definitely be at ACC every time the doors are open. Ha! Boy do we miss that community...even weep over it at times. Sad, huh?

    Katie's Custard is a serious must.

    The Bear Trail, absolutely.

    While you're walking around campus, you have to take a break and sit on the swings. Oh, and have some really deep relationship convo while you're swinging. :)

    And hello? - Common Grounds please!