Tuesday, April 29, 2008

b&b in comfort, texas

next up on our little mini-vacation we stayed at our first ever bed & breakfast. Its not easy to find one in the hill country. Not because there arent any but because there are soo many its a little overwhelming! After many days of searching, calling, and searching more we finally narrowed it down to the Comfort Commons Bed & Breakfast in the sweet little town of Comfort.

We of course really werent sure what we were getting since we just had to go by what we saw online .. but once we got there & pulled up to the B&B I was sooo excited because it was such a cute little place & had so much character from the outside!

Here is the B&B from the front when we pulled up:

The front part of it is a store with all types of random gifts & antiques and then you walk through to the back where they have different rooms & little cottages for the guest to stay in. It was really nice & I loved that they had such a huge porch all the way around the building:

The below little spot was ours for the weekend. It came complete with our very own fireplace, living room, kitchen, bathroom with cast iron tub, and all the other lovely little details. We loved it

Here you can kinda see the room. I wont tour the whole thing dont worry. :)
The left us a little gift! Homemade soaps & toiletries from the gift shop!
Here is Freeland starting the fire:

more views of the backyard:

I was in love with their garden:

loved how they had this bike stored also:

This was one of my favorite things about it. Yes, a cat. But if you look close enough you can see that this isnt an ordinary cat. This cat has a mustache people! It was hilarious!

This is the restaurant next door to the B&B. Its apparently an old post office that was originally designed by Alfred Giles {Kate's family that we were at the wedding for} We ate here on Friday night and it was perfect! The food was amazing and the whole place had a small town quaint felling to it but was also upscale at the same time. I pretty much fell in love with the food here & the back porch was amazing.

Here is a picture of the Comfort Meet Market. Its a little bar on the main street across from where we stayed. Freeland & I went here after the wedding & the owner was so nice. The locals {6 local couples including the couple who owned the bar} were celebrating that it was prom at the high school so they were playing cards & dominoes while they listened to music and danced .. the invited us in to join them and even paid for us! It was amazing & definitely made me want to live in a small town!

Here is the local bank:

Some other pictures of Comfort:

Dont worry - I only have 1 more post from our trip!


  1. Oh my gosh, it's like Stars Hollow! I want to live there!

  2. What a fun trip. Where is Comfort in relation to Waco?

  3. great pictures! this looks like a professional photo shoot of fred-burg. I'm ready to pack up my bags and go visit!