Tuesday, April 22, 2008

austin fire dept

phew, I feel like its been forever. I have been trying to post for a few days now but I have a million pictures I have also been uploading so its taken me way too long.

This weekend Freeland & I took a little trip! We were going Kate Leslie's wedding at her family's ranch in Comfort so we decided to make a long weekend of it & squeeze in a little mini-trip before we move. Comfort is right next to Fredericksburg so it worked out beautifully. Im pretty much deeply in love with Texas Hill Country.

SO, on our way down we stopped in Austin to pay a little visit to our neighbor! {the amazing caterers that live next to us neighbors.. for those of you who always hear us talk about them or came to our rehearsal dinner} He is also a fireman in Austin. {yes, he still lives in Waco} I cant really ever remember touring a fire station so he gave us the full blown tour.. lights on the fire truck & all. It was pretty stinkin fun! I felt like a little kid oohhing and ahhing at everything. Here are some pictures from our visit:

Freeland was either loving all the pictures I was taking or laughing about the EMT who was smoking behind us. It seemed a little ironic:

These are all the controls that they have to use .. all within about 5 seconds. I was a little overwhelmed & amazed they can remember it all while they are rushing to a fire. But they control the water on the truck. It was pretty interesting

their armor:

yep, believe it! Freeland got to 'drive' the truck!

and we climbed up on the truck. It was pretty scary once your up there. I cant imagine what its like once you raise the latter & climb up it also!

Dave was an EMT before he was a fireman {yep.. he is a busy person} so he also gave us a tour of the Ambulance while we were there. Its incredible all the things they can do in such a tiny space. I was also impressed with how crazy organized it is.

They were working on the engine.. looks like a transformer when its open huh?

Oh .. I almost forgot these: Freeland got to turn on the lights & talk on the radio while he was in the truck!

I will post the rest of the pictures from our weekend as soon as I am able to get home & get them uploaded.


  1. Every 5 year olds dream field truck. Did they let Freeland try on the gear?

  2. Freeland, Pop did this same job for 43 years, but got paid and retired - ha. Love you two. Nana