Tuesday, March 4, 2008

taking out the trash

Well I thought about whether or not I should actually let my secret out - but I figured the events that happened tonight were worth posting just for Freeland .. Dont judge me.

I have never been one to like taking out the trash. Im sure you could ask any of my roomies from college .. I will clean anything - as often as you like - but taking out the trash is something that I always happened to "forget" to do. And that didnt change when I moved into my own house.

So, I have lived here for over 2 years.. and I have never once .. ever.. ever.. taken out the trash! Yes, I even lived here by myself for over a year and a half and I never took it out! Freeland always did it for me! Thats horrible - I know! But its the truth! So for the first time ever I took the trash out tonight!

Dont get me wrong I clean everything else in the house {floors, tubs, toilets, etc.} But not the trash. So here you go Freeland. Just for you - I took the trash out and even documented it:
It wasnt all that bad & I dont know why its the one thing I dont like doing. I guess Im turning over a new leaf now! Does this mean that Freeland will scrub the toilets now??!


  1. That is my beef at home too. I DO NOT TAKE OUT THE TRASH. That is a guys job (feminists plug your ears). I won't even take it from the kitchen to the garage. I REFUSE. I do everything BUT trash.

  2. I have the same aversion! Even at my house, Chance takes out the trash. It's funny how we settle into our married-life roles even though we're not there yet. :)

  3. Ha! Same goes in this house. Although, Medical School pretty much made me cave. Especially during the crazy rotations. Hubby was either gone or asleep when it needed to be done. I would get so annoyed with how full it was, that I would just give in and take it out. But usually just out the door - not all the way to the dumpster or garage. :)

  4. Careful what you start doing-before you know it-you will be doing it all the time. VOICE OF EXPERIENCE!

  5. You go girl! I do it a lot more now that Adam's studying. Sometimes I'll take out the recycling and then I'll have him take out the trash. It's hard to wheel those big trash cans through the snow!