Friday, March 7, 2008

viva la snow dia

Sorry I have been M.I.A. the last few days. We have been workin our tails off putting the final touches on our house. {updates will be posted soon I promise. We just showed it for the first time today!!} and we also had Autumn Film {amy's roomie's band that is amazing!} staying with us while they are making their way through Texas on their tour.. so its been a little busy.

Back to the weather here in the great state of Texas.. it is out of control. Those of you here know its true. One day its 80 outside and the next day its a blizzard then in the afternoon you can go layout by the pool because its back to 80. Lovely. Yesterday we woke up to it being nice, pretty, lets go to the park weather.. then in the afternoon it was thundering and our house was shaking.. but it still wasn't thaaat cold. then this morning I awoke to Freeland saying "VIVA LA SNOW DIA - LETS GO PLAY" Yes, it was snowing. {ps adam & cam - he still hearts the snow day movie we all watched together and references it often} But by 11:00 it was all melted and back to a sunny nice day.

Of course being the true Texans we are - there was less than an inch and we were outside taking pictures! enjoy:

yep - this is how little it snowed .. but still! It was fun.

And we tried to see how the cats would handle the snow - just to prepare for Erie.. here is how it played out.. See at first, in this picture below, Sam was like "oh wow - you are actually LETTING me go out. cool" then she went ahh "wait what is all that white stuff on the ground?" {pretend cats arent color blind}finally she said "peace out - its cold take my back inside .. I hate this" {I think she takes after me}

So we may have to practice a little more before we embrace the blizzards in Erie. Either way it was a fun morning & Im in love with snow.

I promise to post updates on the house soon ...

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  1. It snowed 3 inches in Little Rock and you would have thought a swarm of locusts were outside.