Sunday, March 30, 2008

our new home in erie...

{just kidding - thats not our new home! But I wish it was! }

Im back from Erie! And Im so thankful to be back home with the hubby again! I missed him a ton while I was gone! Moving to Erie finally started to feel real while I was there - so it was especially strange to not have Freeland with me. But we were on the phone together pretty much the entire time so we made it!

House hunting went well. Its hard because we really do love our little home here and we love where we live now.. so it was a challenge to not compare everything I was looking at to it. We have a few great leads on some townhouses and I was able to get us on some waiting lists. We also just found out about another potential house - so I guess well see what happens! All in all it was worth the trip up there to be able to narrow everything down and see it all in person. Hopefully we will make a decision this week!

I also had a fab time with Camille {pronounced Cam-I-lle} & Adam. As always they were wonderful little hosts. Have I mentioned how thankful I am that we are going to have them with us in Med School?? Just incase you werent aware - Im so thankful to go through this time of our life with them! Sadly I dont really have any pictures from the trip except for all the houses I looked at and these from the mini photo shoot powers & I had. He was being especially cute & snoring so I had to pull out the camera.

Please note, he is laying on his back with back his legs up in the air! He woke up as soon as I started clicking - but he just laid there and kept posing:

One of the best highlights from the trip - high school musical 1 AND 2! More on that soon!


  1. thanks for the comment on jack's clothes:)
    Hopefully you found some good housing prospects on your trip! Can't wait to hear about everything!