Tuesday, March 18, 2008

lets break open the bubbly...

{do you say break open the bubbly, crack open the bubbly, pop open the bubbly?? Im not really sure? either way - lets get it out!}

Congratulations Nam & Bob!! Both of them have pictures that placed in the quarterly WPJA {wedding photojournalist Association} contest!! Thats HUGE! Here is the explanation from Nam's blog: "Every quarter, the WPJA holds a photography contest for its members… and in turn, hundreds upon hundreds of photographers from around the globe enter images from that year into various wedding related categories. The top twenty from each category are awarded.." I think we can all agree - thats really exciting!!

So Im reading Nam's blog - all excited for him & cant wait to see the 2 pictures that won! {Thats right - he had not 1 but 2 win!!} First I see this one. It won in the "reception" category:

Then I keep scrolling and see this one!!! YAY! How fun is that?? This one won in the "engagement" category! I cant remember why we were laughing so hard - but Im sure it was funny.. and Im so glad that Nam caught the moment!

Then yesterday Bob announced on his blog that he also had a photo place in the contest! Here it is .. this one was in the "humor" category! I love it! I also love that its Megan Stuckey that is obviously eager to catch the bouquet! Why is it that these days girls dont want to catch to bouquet? hmm?! Dont jump to high ...

Then I was browsing Bob's website because he updated everything so I wanted to see all the new fun fancy shmancy things. Which, by the way - it looks great & you should all check it out! I clicked on "featured" and what do you know?! I see a picture of Freeland & I - again.. made me laugh. Here is the screen shot of his featured albums:

I dont know if you can read the bottom of that { my layout doesnt allow for larger pictures} but it says "we asked them only to stand there and make out. They had no problem with that." I was cracking up! Bob came with Nam during our engagement shoot & I never saw the pictures he took so it was SO SO SO fun to see that he had them featured. And I loved them! {hint hint .. joking .. sorta} Thanks for featuring us Bob!! If yall want to check them out also click: here.

Did yall ever see our engagement pictures? Nam did an awesome job! go here to see them. {or click "our pictures" on the right you will see the album of them!}

Bob is also shooting my step-sisters wedding in May and Nam is shooting Paige's wedding! Im so excited to see the pictures b/c I know they are going to be amazing! Its going to be fun to also get to see Nam & Bob again also! If you are gettin hitched - you should call them!! Congratulations again you guys! Yall are fabulous photographers & we're really excited for you both!!


  1. How exciting for them! And I love that your picture helped Nam win!

    Also, Nam IS shooting our wedding in May--and Bob is helping him do my bridal portraits next month. Thanks for the great recommendation--looks like I made a good decision!

  2. Haha... holy crap! Thanks Brooke!! = ) It was such a surprise for me to see a post about our shots on your blog... how awesome is that?!? You're such a supporter.

    Looks like I'm going to be checking your blog more often now! (not to search for more posts about me, of course... but to read up on the happenings of the Ackleys and support your blog too!)

    I'll see you guys in May!