Sunday, March 23, 2008

ladies and gentlemen ... we have a contract

We are so excited that after only 14 days on the market we have an offer! I cannot begin to explain how thrilled we are! I have to admit going into this thing I was little miss negative nancy. I knew our house was worth buying but I also realized that there are at least 9 other houses for sale - just on our street alone!! {who knows how many in the entire neighborhood} we listed it for sale by owner instead of with a realtor, the market clearly isnt the best right now, and houses normally sit for at least 8 months to over a year in our neighborhood. Im not sure why - but they do.. our neighbors house has been for sale for almost 2 years.. and we had 3 months to sell it before we had to move to Erie .. so combine all those thoughts = you get me, negative nancy.

Clearly, I was wrong and am soo glad that I was! I dont know why I worried or was even anxious at all. We prayed long & hard before we decided to take on this project so I knew deep down that it would all work out - but I still let nervousness get the best of me. Freeland & I feel truly blessed and overwhelmed by how positive everything has been since we put that little sign in the yard. And there is no way that everything would be working out the way it is if it wasnt the Lord perfectly orchestrating the whole thing!

Now, one thing I have learned from working in the mortgage industry is that its not sold until you are at the closing table.. actually until you have left the closing table :) But Freeland & I both feel good about everything right now. We are really excited about the couple who would be moving in. The are engaged {just like we were when we got the house} She will live here first until they get married {just like I did} she is applying for med school {just like freeland} and he has a really really really fun job that makes us super excited about them living here!

Please keep praying for us. We are having the inspection done tomorrow and then we will just continue to keep moving forward from there! I will keep you all posted on how it all goes from here. Thanks for all your support & encouragement ..

Oh and Im flying to Erie on Wednesday to find us a new home! {all by myself with out freeland - yikes!} I will keep you posted on that also!


  1. We know this really cute & cheap B&B! Congratultions on a fast sale! All that hard work paid off!

  2. hey brooke! clicked on your blog via the jennings. how fun to be moving to erie and to be so close to adam and cam! pray you all have a smooth transition into a new place. my hub and i moved to co springs after living in waco for the first year of our marriage. it was such a great adventure and has really connected us and knit us together in a new way. i hope that is true for you all too!

  3. Congrats.......what a relief in a stressful time. Good luck house hunting.

  4. Congrats!! It's gotta feel good to have it sell so quickly! Have fun house hunting in Erie!

  5. LOL, I just realized you posted your phone number online. I am going to prank call you for real!