Friday, March 28, 2008

house hunting in erie

Im sitting here {at adam & cams} next to the fire & looking out the window at the snow covered trees, drinking my tea.. and loving it! Its strange to believe that in just 2 months Freeland & I will be living here!! Of course there wont be snow then - but its still exciting.

Adam & Cam have been amazing and have been helping us look for houses since we are over 22 hours away. They found one for us that would possibly work so Freeland booked a flight up here for me up so I could get things rolling and find us a place to live. We decided to rent instead of buy... After praying about it and talking to other people who are more "wise" than us {ie: my dad} we decided for us that renting will be best.

I wish we were both here to do this but with Freelands job its hard to take that much time off and 2 flights up here at the last minute would have probably put a big dent in the checkbook. I guess Im glad he trust me to be the "eyes" for us both and pick it out. And he has been an amazing and very patient "travel planner". He did all the research ahead of time for me.. planned it all out.. made all the phone calls & appointments.. printed me an itinerary.. and even stayed on the phone with me all day giving me directions from place to place!

The search has gone pretty well so far. Considering we are moving an entire zoo with us up here its been encouraging. Of course most places either dont take animals or they have a weight limit of 30 pounds. Which means our 300 pounds wont work!? But we have found a few town houses that are great and there are few other options as well.

So Im off to keep looking today! Hopefully I will also sign a lease before I leave. {gulp}


  1. Hope you find is really hard renting w/animals. 300 lbs??? Perhaps the zoo could rent you a cage.

  2. I have a house for sale that I'd be willing to rent you. It's at 310 E. 28th the city. It's for sale now, but I'm thinking about taking it off the market because I haven't had any interest. It's not a great neighborhood, but it's a big house with lots of personality and lots of room for dogs and a fenced-in backyard. I'm the reporter who wrote the story on Cam and Adam awhile back so hopefully they'll vouch that I'm not some weirdo:). If you're still looking, email me at