Friday, March 14, 2008

2508 Austin Avenue Waco Texas .. House for Sale!!

Its official - 2508 Austin Avenue is now on the market and for sale! Its been a week now and the traffic has been pretty good. We've had a ton of calls and people stop by who were all interested. I dont want to jinx it and go on about how positive its been - but we are really encouraged by all the interest that we have had in just 1 week.

As promised, here are a few pictures from all the "before & afters." I'm kicking myself now for not taking that many before pictures. When we moved in I guess I thought I was taking them - but looking back now I realize that I really wasnt.. and the ones I did take really aren't that great. So here is a little mini-preview or "walk through" {if you will} of our humble abode.

Every room has been updated in some way.. and there isnt a single inch of the house that doesnt have fresh paint! {as you have all heard me go on & on about}

Here is the front of the house before & after. The pictures with more details are below.

Here is the grass before the sprinkler system that Freeland put in & after:
This picture shows the landscaping before and after. Before - lots of weeds, overgrown & dead shrubs.. and you really cant see the left side of the house. After - holy cow! There is a window over there!: Side shot of the yard. Before - you couldnt see the neighbors. And you cant tell from the picture - part of that looks like a tree. Dont worry, it was a HUGE weed that was overgrown and taking over.. not a tree!

Flower bed before & after: Entry way before - red walls, cream doors, and wall paper:

Here is the living room. Before - there was a wall seperating the living room & dining room. The walls were more of a pastel green and all the trim was a yellow/tan. After - French Doors! And we painted the walls to match the dining room, trim is now freshly white. {we also put in the fireplace! - but its not in this picture} This is just a picture of the breakfast area in the kitchen. I didnt have a good before & after that fit:

Here is the kitchen before & after. Its hard to tell, but before the cabinets were all a yellow/tan color. The walls were yellow and as you can see the floor was linoleum. After - we restored the floors, replaced every light fixture, the sink, and the dishwasher. All the cabinets are also white now and have all new hardware.

another before & after of the kitchen. Thank goodness - no more florescent lighting!

Before & after of the guest bedroom:

Before & after of the guest bathroom: The picture explains itself.. but you should know - before you couldnt really even sit on the potty without hitting your knees on the tub. That is, if you were brave enough to even go in this bathroom to begin with. The shower - I wont even start with. Every single thing is new. Including the plumbing underneath.

another before & after of the bathroom:

The hallway. It was the same yellowish color before with matching trim & paint on the doors. Now its beautiful fresh paint and white doors/trim.

The laundry room before & after:

The master bathroom before & after. This is just one side of the master bathroom. It had an update a few years ago. But we replaced the light fixture, sink faucet, painted the cabinets and added hardware to them:

The master bedroom before & after. Again - one of those times I didnt take great pictures. But here is a little preview of before. The walls were painted but we sealed up in between all the boards and added a fresh coat of painted to the whole room & the trim. The pictures dont do it justice but trust me - its a lot smoother now. We also replaced the fan & freeland did a beautiful customized closet built ins. I love it because there is a "his & hers" side.

Here is a little preview of the backyard before & after. Freeland & Kevin made a flagstone walkway instead of the bricks they used before. They also planted trees & relandscaped. I love it now!
These are pictures of the sunroom since I dont have before & afters of it. I love the built in bookshelves! {and the martha stewart strorage boxes .. they will be staying with me!}Another shot of the sunroom. And here is a pic of the side. I wish I had a before & after because the paint was not in the best shape before! I am absolutely in love with this house now and so so so sad to have to move out of it! It was the perfect house for us & we loved that we had an opportunity to live in such a safe little neighborhood with amazing neighbors and so much character! Im really going to miss the kitchen and all the amazing storage that we have everywhere! There are so many closets & extra little places to store every single thing we have! It was a HUGE blessing that we were given the opportunity to live here & work on this house and we are incredibly greatful.


  1. You guys did an AMAZING job! The house looks gorgeous. Just looking at all those pictures makes me feel exhausted. Since we've been slowly remodeling our house, I can absolutely appreciate how much work all of that took!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful house! Your work will definitely pay off. Hopefully you can do the same thing with your next house :-)

  3. You have done an excellent! You need to now do another one in Erie! Those Yankees will be so impressed with your talent!

  4. Brooke, I'm so impressed with the house! I wish Chance and I could make it our first home... :)

  5. I'd buy it! (but I live in Pittsburgh)

  6. Brooke,

    this house is adorable! I am sure you will have no problem selling it! I love reading your updates and am eager to see what is next for you guys! Congrats!

  7. I don't remember how I came across your blog, but GREAT job on the house! It's very beautiful. I'm sure it's too expensive for us but would love to buy that house! lol

    Anyways, Good Luck with life, wherever it may take you!


  8. My dear friends,

    Just by accident, I was trying to find a location close to Austin Avenue in Waco. It was a business down the street from our home...
    2508 Austin Avenue!!!! This was our first home, and we brought our first newborn there from Hillcrest
    Hospital. I would love to e-mail you guys to tell you about our memories at 2508! Since you loved the home so much, I thought you would love to hear about our
    experiences at 2508!

    Peter and Harriet Yaun
    Saint Simons Island, GA