Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy 6 months of marriage to us

Today marks 6 months that Freeland & I have been married. It snuck up on us b/c this week has been insanely busy and we have had guest staying with us all week .. and he works on Saturdays but we will be celebrating the best way we can {at 11:45 at night} Watching Lost, enjoying a bottle of wine, and eating lots of yummy food. I made Freeland his favorite - Enchiladas. And we have a gazillion sweets around the house because I have been on a cookie / cupcake kick lately. Im determined to find the best recipes there are for everything lately. So far they have all been great but I still havent found THE perfect one.. so I keep baking. In short - there are lots of sweets around here. Back to the anniversary

Were 6 months into this journey and loving it! Of course life is messy and there are plenty of things Freeland & I have both done that are so far from perfect {i know - shocker - it may be hard to imagine but we do mess up} in the end Im happy to mess up & not be perfect .. we feel like we are learning a lot and thats all I can really ask - just to learn from everything and keep going. And thank goodness for grace! And for an incredibly loving and supportive hubby!
I dont think I ever realized how busy the last 6 months would be! We knew before we got married that these months would be exciting since we had no idea what we would end up doing. {and I like that .. it feels adventurous} Now we do know what is next and we are thrilled about it! But jeeez - it has been busy! Tis life I guess. I feel like we do well with busy though! We still make the most of all the time we do have together and we will go and do plenty of random and fun things .. so I dont mind busy. One thing I have really loved is getting to plan and figure out our life together. Its pretty incredible how our passions, ideas, goals, etc. just so easily mold together! Freeland does a great job of always putting me & "us" first. He is also really good at encouraging me & challenging me {even if I complain about it - Im thankful he does it} He is a great husband and my very best friend. And I love that we laugh a lot.
I remember when we had only been married a week - in so many ways it feels just like that and somehow so much longer at the same time. I cant wait to see whats the next 6 months hold for us and what I will be looking back at & saying when we celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Oh - and I cannot wait to rip into our wedding cake! We saved all 3 of the flavors she made. {a huge slice of vanilla, another mega slice of chocolate, and an entire tier of the carrot cake - yummy}I am sad that at some point we wont be "newlyweds" anymore. I want to cling onto that label as long as possible. {is that normal?} It just makes things more fun & new. I still feel like a newlywed .. so Im thankful for that.

so happy 6 month anniversary..