Sunday, March 2, 2008


GUESS WHO IS DONE PAINTING?! Yeppers - we are! {minus a few touch ups} its all done. Never again will I sand, tape, prime, or paint. We have been working like 2 chickens with our heads cut off the last week to get everything finalized so that we can finally pull the sign out of the garage & put it up!! 

And that exactly what we did this morning as soon as we woke up! You read it right - we now ave the "FOR SALE" sign in our yard. Its crazy. We celebrated and reminisced all at the same time while we were at breakfast {Lolita's} this morning. As soon as I get a chance I will post all the updates and pictures. There are a ton to sort through so Im too sleepy to do it now. 

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  1. Heres to a quick sale and your full asking price!!! We actually lost 38,500 on this past move but our company has to cover any loss during a transfer, whew! I really feel for those taking hits that don't get reimbursed. Houses are selling here in AR and they aren't the cheap ones either.