Wednesday, March 12, 2008

do you hulu?

Have you seen hulu yet? They just launched publicly and its brilliant!! Its an online website that offers FREE videos... specifically TV Shows and Movies! I love it! No more having to buy them off Itunes, searching You Tube, or waiting for hours to load it online when you are looking for something!

Right now they are still in the process of adding to the site so some shows just have clips and not the full episode. Others have the entire episode & season etc.

Go browse and drool over everything right now. Click here.

And - one of my favorite things about the site .. they have SNL skits! Normally NBC removes skits that are placed on You Tube so they are hard to find.. and they only put certain ones on the NBC website.. so thank you hulu! Here is one of our favs from Andy Samberg. enjoy:

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