Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baylor University Sing

Yep, all the performances finished up this weekend so in honor of Sing I thought I would post some old school pictures from our glory days at Baylor. For those of you who didnt go to Baylor your probably wondering why in the world we have on costumes, pounds of make-up, a whole can of hair spray, and why were all dancing like fools in these pictures.. or maybe you are just wondering why a bunch of baptist are all dancing?? Its all because of Sing!

Sing is an "all university" event Baylor does every year. All the student organizations compete against each other {think mini Broadway acts} to see which 8 will make it onto Pigskin in the fall. Its a wonderful tradition that I loved being a part of. {insert memories of hours and hours practicing.. painting the backdrop.. praying you get picked for the group with the "cute" costume.. and doing your run through in roxy grove} Oh Sing! You can click here or here to get a better idea of what Im talking about. Here are some pictures I found on my old computer from previous acts. Sadly I cant locate all the ones from every year - but this will still do:

Me & the roomie Lindsey {she was also sing chair for this act and did such an AMAZING job!} Jenny & Amy our senior yearHere are some boys dancing: here are some more of our acts that I have pictures of:

It was so fun going through all of my pictures.. reminiscing and seeing all the friends & people I knew in college! This was my first act to be in when I was a freshman & did pigskin.. And that is Natalie in the front! She did an amazing job as "Dorthy" from Wizard of Oz. It was so fun.. even though I was in the back row {ha}:speaking of finding people you know in pictures .. I found this picture from Sing and guess who that is in the right corner! Yours truly - Adam Jennings!

Oh and sadly, I didnt actually go to Sing this year. I figured I better start "winging" myself off of these things now! I heard all the acts were great. Im partial to Tri Delt.. but I really do love all of them!

Want to see some videos? Click here, here, here or here


  1. I know...I love sing!! Really miss it!

  2. Let's do Erie SIng next year! I Think it'll be a huge hit as long as I get to be front & center and obviously we'll do a duet.

  3. Oh, I miss Sing so much!! It was the best. :)