Monday, March 17, 2008

Baylor University Basketball Team made it to the NCAA Tourney!!

In case you live under a rock or didnt go to baylor - I thought I would post this to celebrate Baylor making it to the NCAA Tournament!

On Sunday CBS announced the teams that made it to this years NCAA Tournament! You should know that Baylor hasnt made it to the tournament in OVER 20 YEARS - so everyone was REALLY anxious to see if we made it! Especially after the rough years we recently experienced.

It was pretty funny & exciting the way the CBS announcers went spot by spot, team by team, over and over the entire time .. leaving everyone waiting & guessing. You kept thinking - "okay now they will say it.. oh no? Okay maybe now .. no? umm maybe we didnt make it?" {I think they did it on purpose!}

Then finally after EVERY SINGLE OTHER TEAM was announced and it came down to the very last team - with one spot remaining .. and a lot of crazy nervous & anxious people waiting.. "Baylor" finally popped up on the TV! Do you want to watch? Click: here. Its great! And makes me so excited for the game on Thursday! Here are pictures from the Baylor Proud website:

This is everyone that went to watch the announcement together:
Clearly, they were a little anxious:
still waiting .. and waiting .. and waiting ..
and then boom - Baylor pops up
And the crowd goes wild ..

Congratufreakinlations Baylor!! Sic 'em.

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  1. I hope they do well in the I have them going pretty far in my bracket! Hope they don't disappoint :-) Sic 'em Bears!