Sunday, February 24, 2008

paint & more paint ...

When Freeland and I decided we would "take on the challenge" of working on the house his only request was that he never have to do any of the painting. He would do everything else - just not paint. My thoughts: "sounds great to me.. painting is easy & I dont mind. Its the one thing I can actually help with."

What was I thinking?? I dont think I realized that every single inch of wall, cabinet, drawer & piece of trim needed to be painted! So here is just a glimpse of what we have been looking at for the last week in our house: paint & tape everywhere!

Please Lord never make me tape or paint again. I havent decided which is worse: the taping or the painting.. but I will get back to yall & let you know. And thanks to Freeland because even though he requested to NEVER have to paint.. he has ended up helping.

I should also mention - that even though the painting is not the most fun thing to do.. especially after having to do everything in your house - it is definitely the easiest, cheapest, and best way to update your house so in the end its worth it. The kitchen is just about finished so I will post those pictures soon.


  1. You Go, girl! You're like the paint jedi master!

    And yes, we will wait for you!

  2. Oh, girl! I feel your pain. When we moved here I pretty much single-handedly painted our entire house. Ahhh! It makes me break into a cold sweat just thinking about it. I still have 2 bathrooms and some trim to go. I've been putting it in the back of my mind...hoping it would magically get done by the paint fairy maybe?!
    Glad you're almost done. It really is totally worth it and makes a huge difference!

  3. I hate painting and taping off to paint. Too time consuming. I would rather have some oreos and watch oprah.

  4. I think the taping is way worse...Probably because I'm really bad at that part! Let me know when your house goes on the market. Aaron and I want to come look at it - We're not really seriously considering buying in Waco, but never know.

  5. first of all congrats to freeland for getting into med school in erie. and congrats on getting to move up there with cam and adam. so fun. i know they are excited/comforted to have some good friends. that's great.

    second of all, i love your house and always hope for more pics. ya'll did an amazing job. we are starting to look for paint colors and i really like your green. what color is that? thanks, and once again...way to go on the awesome house.


  6. Brooke-
    I love reading through your blog! I love seeing the updates on your house and how you describe your life - you are too cute!
    Ashley "Haney" Evans