Friday, February 15, 2008

lovey dovey day

Hope you & yours had a fabulous Valentines! This year looked a little different for us - with Freeland working until 11:30 it doesnt leave too much time to do a lot. The good thing is I dont really feel the need to do anything big. Freeland does more than enough for me all the time so all I wanted was to spend time together and acknowledge the day. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the big things! But I dont NEED them.

Since we really werent together most of the day we have decided to make today our Valentines. Freeland has the day off because his schedule switches this weekend so I also took the day off. Well, Im working from home this morning & then we are taking the day off... and its lovey dovey day!

So, I bet youre all dying to know what were going to do?? Are you on the edge of your seat? I wont keep you waiting (youre welcome) Originally we were going to go camping. But we quickly realized that we have way too much to do on our house to leave for the weekend so we are saving the camping trip until after the house is done. Instead.. We are going to a winery! No - Not in Napa.. in Waco! Who knew Waco has such wonderful things? Not me. Freeland found it. Im so excited.

Okay, we did celebrate a little bit yesterday. We enjoyed pizza & wine when he got home.. along with an episode of Lost. It was perfect! (What is going on with Lost by the way?! Insane) What did yall do to celebrate? Do Tell...


  1. Valentine's Day was super low-key for us this year since we have a little nugget with no babysitter. Oh, and Justin's on the ICU this month. Fortunately he was off last night. :) So we had a nice steak dinner and, yup, an episode of Lost. Seriously - that show leaves me more confused every week! Ahh...I can't wait for next week.

  2. We took our 4 month old son to dinner with us at our favorite little italian restaraunt terrilli's...he stared at the candle on the table the whole time but we were definitely the ONLY couple there with our child haha. and of course we watched lost. Later that weekend we finally got a night out to ourselves but we like to think we celebrated as a "family" :)