Sunday, February 17, 2008

to give or to not give a gift ..

So Freeland & I love giving each other gifts. Im not really sure who doesnt. But normally any reason we can think of to buy a gift we do. We even say something is a gift when it really isnt. For example - if he buys cigars he will say that it was "my gift" to him.. and he will even say thank you for getting it for him. It makes things more fun I guess. But this year we decided not to do gifts for valentines. Mostly because Freeland is working incredibly hard so we can save money so it just seemed silly to go & spend it all on gifts for Valentines. We also just wanted to spend time with each other & not make the whole holiday about the gift.

That was until Monday when we received a post card in the mail from Patagonia. They were letting us know that their annual sale was starting this week. (how nice of them to personally send us a post card.. its like were besties with the store)

Well for those of you who dont know, Patagonia is Freeland's weakness. It has also become mine since we started dating. But Freeland is much more a Patagonia "snob" (if you will) than I am. When it comes to outdoorsy stuff the only way he will get another brand is if Patagonia doesnt have it. For real. I really dont mind though because I love the store & I really love everything they do for the environment... And even though on some college campuses (cough.. baylor.. cough.. cough) Patagonia is only worn to be trendy - They really do have great quality stuff that serves a much greater purpose than just being a trend.

After talking about it we decided .. since we werent doing gifts for valentines & we also werent going out to do anything big for valentines.. AND we more than likely will be moving to where it is really cold (yay!).. AND we have a gift card there from Christmas - we pretty much HAD to take advantage of the sale .. how could we not? So thats exactly what we did.

And that my friends is what Freeland & I ended up giving each other for our very first valentines as husband & wife. I love it because it was on sale, practical, mostly put on a gift card, and something we have both been wanting for a long time! Nice job Patagonia - way to put your once a year sale 2 days before valentines! smart.

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  1. my little daughter has a patagonia winter coat and snow pants, and they are adorable and more importantly WARM! Wait until you guys have kids and Freeland can dress them in it too!!