Friday, February 15, 2008

soon to marry {dot} com

Drum roll please .... Introducing Soon To Marry! Its my best friend - Meagan's new web design company! And Im very excited & proud of her!

So what is? Its "Custom Wedding Websites" for engaged couples. Its a great idea because most of the websites out there (like ours) are not custom. They are created by templates. You just plug in the information and try to find one that fits your personality - if you are lucky it will work.. and your very limited to what you can do.

Soon to Marry will allow couples to have a website that truly reflect them as a couple & also shares all the details for the friends & family. Really the options are endless when you are doing a custom website.. I dont know why anyone would pick the other websites if they could do a custom one instead!

I would have loved to have a website that I had a hand in creating. I would have put so much more information & creative little touches on it if I had the choice. And I would make it to reflect the same details we were doing for our wedding.

So if you know anyone who is engaged and looking to create a custom website - send them to Soon To Marry!

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