Monday, February 4, 2008

the bathroom

so, when I moved in to this house before we were married the guest bathroom was nasty. And by nasty I mean that I pretty much just left the door shut & never once opened it .. ever .. not even when guest came over. If you sat down on the toilet your knees would hit the shower. I'm only 5'2'' and my knees even hit the tub. And speaking of the shower - it was the original one from when the house was built (over 60 years ago) and was rusted, old, dirty and gross. Oh & did I mention the whole bathroom was green? Yes.. it was green, rusted, and gross.

So, what did we do? We demolished the whole thing. Knocked down every single wall, took every single thing out, and even ripped out the floors. We redesigned the whole floor plan and replaced everyone of the appliances, fixtures, etc. We moved the toilet to the other side of the wall which meant we had to move the shower also.. which then meant we had to re-do all the plumbing. (which is a HUGE task for those, like me, who know nothing about any of this)

This ended up being a "challenge".. but a huge blessing for whoever lives here next because we fixed all the old original pipes that were leaking & desperately needed to be replaced. After weeks & weeks of "blood, sweat, and tears" from Freeland working his tail off it looks AMAZING.

I knew Freeland would do a great job & I knew it would be a huge improvement.. but I never realized how amazing it would look when it was all said & done. I think when we look back at the house & all the work we did.. the bathroom will always be the largest undertaking we have ever done. I wish I could go into more details on how Freeland had to balance on a single board the whole time to pry apart all the old pipes & fix everything else because there wasn't a floor or about all of our trips & trips & trips to lowes.. but it would just make this blog way to long. So here are some pictures instead.

Here is the before when you could barely fit in the old yucky dirty bathroom:
Proof: I actually did do something..
Here is the bathroom with the shower, toilet, & sink gone. Next was the tile and all the layers and layers of wallpaper and floors.. our empty bathroom with no walls or floor.. just the old pipes & plumbing that were all quickly replaced and fixed by Freeland thats where the toilet went .. I dont know if you can tell, but here is where he is having to balance on a single piece of wood to finish the plumbing as he put the sub-floor back in.. it was a test of patience.. to say the least. Freeland putting in the new window its all starting to come together... Freeland was finishing the walls & tiling the shower here: my favorite is the toilet. It flushes by pulling that little knob up.
and.. drum roll please ... TADA! The finished product!

Oh! I also forgot to mention.. this has been done for over 4 months now. I just realized I never posted the final product once we finished everything. Freeland did all this work before the wedding (before he even lived here) and then worked liked crazy the week of our wedding (all day & all night ..) to finish it so all the bridesmaids staying at the house would have a nice shower & bathroom to use.. poor thing as if the week before isnt stressful enough.

I love our new bathroom & I'm incredibly proud of my husband (if you cant tell) for being able to do every bit of it himself.


  1. Very the the shower curtain and the floor also.

    Funny, you look taller than 5'2 in your pics. Glad to know someone is shorter than me 5'4 1/2....yes 1/2.

  2. Wow that looks awesome!! How nice to be married to such a handyman

  3. Im too lazy to create an identity but I am in PA and found you from the Jennings blog...I love how your bathroom turned out!
    Where did you get your shower curtain????

  4. Hey! Thanks! The shower curtain is from Bed Bath & Beyond. I want to say its Nicole Miller's brand.. they have accessories that match it also. Glad you like it.

  5. Oh my gosh! Freeland did such an amazing job! Would he like to come make-over our bathroom next? j/k ;) The Air Force wouldn't like that so much.
    I am so impressed at all his hard work, what a great hubby you have :)

  6. The bathroom is amazing! And that's the same shower curtain we registered for dor our guest bathroom! :)

  7. that looks amazing! yall did such a fantastic job!