Tuesday, February 19, 2008

saman - tha

{pronounced like "Amand - da" in Cant Hardly Wait} Just a quick update for any of you who were worried :) Sam is doing great & she has almost fully recovered from her surgery! The first 2 days she was a totally pooped and a little slow so she just slept a lot.

When I first brought her home she was cracking me up because she couldn't walk straight (from the medicine) no matter how hard she tried. So she was just slowly walking in zig zags down the hall trying not to fall over. That probably shouldn't be funny - but it was one of those precious funny things. Then she found where she wanted to sleep & then she didn't get up for almost a full 24 hours. But by the 3rd day she was back to normal and cracking us up.

Here is a picture. She thinks our table is a jungle gym and she crawls around on the legs of the chairs & hangs from them. She does it for hours and it is hilarious to watch!

Here she is when she realized we were watching:

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