Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sam gets "nipped & tucked"

Poor Samantha! Today is the day she gets a little nip & tuck {spayed.} It was so sad. She had no idea what was coming.. We had to do a little pre-surgery fast and keep her off food starting at 10:00 last night. Thats not really a big deal because I feed them before that and she would rather play & cuddle than eat anyway. (unlike Eddie who would die if you kept food from him) This morning she was a trooper while Ed ate - she didnt even think twice about where her food was.

I took her earlier this morning to drop her off. The car ride was adorable. At first she didnt know what to think so she jumped in the back of the car behind the backseats (which is the same thing our dog used to do growing up) Then finally I was able to talk her into coming down & she just sat on my shoulders the whole time curled up next to my neck.. she wasnt scared - she just didnt know what to do.

When we got to the Vet they were super sweet & said "Oh - she's an Ackley! We will take extra special care of her. She will be perfectly fine." {Thats all thanks to Freeland. They really really like him there.} I wish anytime I walked in places that people would say the same thing to me. "oohh youre an Ackley - here let me take that for you.. oh here let me give you this.. here let me pamper you."


  1. Poor Sam-y Sosa. Oh, well- now she won't have to worry about those pesky cramps.

  2. My kitty, Mr. Bigglesworth is at the vet as we speak....wednesday he goes from a man to a woman. NO JOKE! He has crystals in his urine and he can't pass them so they have to turn his man parts into gurrrl parts so he can take a whiz.