Wednesday, February 6, 2008

head shaving: is defined as "the practice of shaving the hair from a person's head" clearly

Last night when we were getting ready for bed Freeland asked "should I shave my head?" My answer (with no hesitation) was "yes". Then we started talking about the first night we met ..

You see the night we met I was just hanging out with Jessica & her boyfriend (now husband - Adam) came over & we all decided to go to dinner. He said, let me call my roommate & see if he wants to come. Then I called my roommies to see if they wanted to come.. and before we knew it a large group of us were all going to get Chinese food.

I rode with Adam & Jess and we stopped to pick up Adam's roommie on our way. (Little did I know what was about to happen & that the boy I was about to meet would one day be my husband!)

So he ran out & jumped in the car.. the back seat to be specific.. and to be more specific the back seat where I was also sitting. I was looking the other way since I was still oblivious and didn't have a second thought about meeting the random dude we were picking up.

And then I turned around as the door shut to meet him. Instantly I was "intrigued" {yes, those are the words I used to describe it to my dad the next day..} I think the exact thoughts going on in my head the second I saw him were "ahhh... back that train up - shoot why didn't I get ready tonight? Oh jeez.. the one night I do NOTHING.. oh my gosh - what am I wearing? He probably thinks I'm skanky.. and wait more importantly why the heck haven't I heard anything about this roommate before tonight! where have I been? why doesn't anyone share these details with me!"

There is a lot more to that story & it makes my heart happy thinking back to that night - but I will save it for another time because you are all probably wondering what that has to do with Freeland asking if he should shave his head. Well, you see that night when he got into the car he had just come back from the hospital. He was in a gardening accident. Yes, you read that right. Gardening accident.

He grows veggies (the first meal he made for me was a salad fresh from his garden) So.. the tool he was using went through his head & he had to get stitches & that whole bit, meaning he also had to shave his head & that was the day we met! Oh he also had a beard at the time. And I just thought he was adorable. I loved how he looked with his head shaved & a beard. We didn't become friends or start dating for a while after that and so I never really got to enjoy him having a shaved head. I just have memories of it & how much I liked it. Here is what it looked like:

And that my blogging friends is why I jumped at the idea & said yes... because of my memories of him getting into the car the first night we met.

And that is also why first thing this morning when we woke up - we shaved his head.

So as I was looking on the computer to find the "before" picture I was amazed at the number of different hairstyles Freeland has had over the years. It really is incredible to me how he (and so many other guys) can look completely different with every hair cut. Of course to me, Freeland pulls everyone of them off & I love them all.. so instead of posting just 1 from before I thought I would give you all a glimpse into the evolution. If only we all could just grow our hair out - chop it - grow it out - chop it - etc. :
Crazy isnt it?


  1. Um, yeah. It really is crazy! Freeland could be in US Weekly along with the other "Stars through the years" or whatever it is where they show all their transitions!

  2. How funny...

    Brooke I just have to say you are a stellar blogger. I have become more and more interested in your posts since I started reading.

    I too remember all the stages of hair. What a sexy beast.

  3. freeland has the coolest hair. loved the little story about when you first met!

  4. ooooh, I liked that little pony tail thingy in that one picture. very rustic! I keep telling my husband to grown a long goatee (sp) and then braid it like a rock star. Unfortunately, I don't think the business world would agree but a girl can dream.....................