Wednesday, February 13, 2008

will you be my valentine?

I hope you have all made your valentines & your valentine boxes.. tomorrow is the big day!

Remember growing up how wonderful valentines day was? First you had to have the best & most fabulous valentines cards. I would spend hours searching for the perfect one that was going to be sooo much better than anything anyone else has ever seen... but it cant say anything about "love" since boys were also getting these & I didnt want people saying "oh my gosh.. Brooke loves him.. ooh la la" that would have been a death wish back then.

The younger you were the more celebrating you got to do. As you got older you had to have a "normal" school day until the afternoon - and then you could whip out the cards, candy, and your perfectly decorated valentines box-with the slot on top! Then you always acted like you didnt notice or care who was putting cards in your box & who wasnt - but you were always totally watching to see who did! After the cards were all delivered we run back to our desk and rip apart all the envelopes to read every single one. Thats when the true "drama" starts - "ahh, I cant believe so & so gave me one?! he's so cool!" and so on. Oh the good ol' days.

So I found some pretty wonderful cards online & I thought I would share them with yall. I love the idea of mailing Valentines to people since we arent in school & dont have parties to swap cards anymore. Note: I said I love the idea. I didnt actually do it since I didnt think about it until today.. but it was a great thought. You should be able to click on the picture to find the link to where I found it. Enjoy

{Chilly nights are best for ...}
{I smurf you}{love birds}
{say anything}Always love an old school valentines:
{Tons of love to you on Valentines}
{You are "Out of this World"} and for the med students:
{its in there somwhere}

{whats happenin hot stuff}

and I saved the funniest one for last:
{I want to Barack your world}


  1. I am so glad I am not in grade school anymore......those were stressful events. sheeeesh, the pressure. AND addressing like 27 envelopes at that age was pure hell.