Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Blloogggg
Happy Birthday to you!

Well, its not actually today.. it was in January. But I didnt realize it until the other day - so Im acknowledging it now. {thanks to natalie - it was her blogs birthday & thats what reminded me}

So break out the party hats, confetti, & noisemakers! I can't believe its been a year. Who would have thought I would have actually kept blogging this long? not me.

I originally started a blog to keep friends & family updated on our wedding plans. We had a wedding website - but the blog allowed me to actually share how the details were going.

I must admit, in the beginning I wasnt great at being consistent & posting. I wish I would have been. Looking back there are SO many more things I would have blogged about & shared as we were planning. (the ups & downs, our ideas, what inspired me, etc.) I wish I would have too. I was just shy I guess - I dont know why I didnt. But it is what it is.

Looking back at all my post here are just a few of the things I learned about myself:
  • I have horrible grammer & write the same way I talk.
  • I dont use upper case letters that much. (I guess I am too lazy, I dont know why)
  • I do this: " ... " all the time. Its almost at the end of every other sentence ...
  • I use 101 in my titles too much. "IE: Blogging 101"
  • I rarely post w/o adding a picture.
So here we are today.. 164 posts & a year later. Married & still blogging. Wonder what I will be posting a year from now?? {get any crazy thoughts out of your head right now - it will not be that Im pregnant} Here were my first posts: back in the day. Enjoy - & go have a piece of cake on me!


  1. Well I was doing some maintenance on my blog this morning, and saw I had a comment on a blog...from a couple of weeks ago..from you!! I never got an email about it! So glad to hear from you! And while it is sad I won't be at Baylor, I will be visiting my friends when I come home (which unfortunately won't be very from Nashville isn't cheap), so we can see each other then maybe!


  2. Happy B-day.....maybe you WILL post about being pregnant in the coming year.....mabye you will give birth to a parakeet, then you WILL really have something to blog about....a chatty parakeet with a blue tuft on the top of its head and it speaks 2 languages, english and jivanese and it can write in french and sign language too and it likes to wear grass hula skirts and play the ukelele when it is in the house all by itself. DAMN YOUR BLOG IS INTERESTING GIRL!!!!

  3. anyway....I have never been consistent w/anything for a year. So Kudos!!! It will be interesting to see if I am still here a year from now. If so, I will probably be all tattered and torn.....look like a worn out magazine w/gum and boogers stuck between the pages and leaving comments on my own blog because no one else is reading it. It is a pitiful life.

  4. oooh, no I wrote that up above. I don't know why it posted as anonymous.