Monday, February 11, 2008

a fresh coat of paint does a house good ...

So out with the old & in with the new. The outside of the house when we moved in needed some major work. Including (but not limited to) growing grass - instead of the weeds that just looked like grass, putting in a sprinkler system, chopping down trees - that were all over grown & dead, getting rid of the ug bushes & weeds, and finally painting. Here is the house before (by the time this picture was taken.. we had already replanted grass & done the sprinkler system along with a few other things):

Here is a snapshot of just a few of the many trees that were overgrown & had to be ripped out. You cant tell but one actually isnt even a tree - its a weed that they left growing and just looked like a tree it was so large. Now that they are gone - you can actually see the house :)
And here is a preview of the casa now. The painting is done, but I just havent taken a picture yet.. so this picture is while they are still in the process of painting (right before it started raining). The shutters arent back on yet.. and a few other things. I will post more pictures once I get them uploaded. Stay Tuned...


  1. hey brooke! i found your blog via Camille's guys are like HGTV on steroids! i'm so impressed with how you guys tackle these projects. have you ever seen "property ladder" or "flip this house"? yall would be awesome on either of those shows!


  2. Wow, it's like a new house! Powers thinks it's a bit too cold.... he's putting on his hibernating weight.

    Guess what letter came in today?!

  3. I also view your blog via the jennings secede ... it's just so interesting to see how motivated and talented you guys are. It gives me hope that I will be able to paint my house this summer. Keep up the great work!